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Welome to the 2008 US Slalom National Championships

The US National Championships on August 30th is an open competition that will draw the best slalom racers in the country, including the entire US Whitewater Slalom Team. The race is a one-day event that involves two race runs for each competitor, the results of which will determine the 2008 National Champions in four different categories.

Athlete Homestay Information

Homestay Program at Adventure Sports Center International

Click Here to Download Homestay Sign Up Sheet

Adventure Sports Center International’s (ASCI) Homestay Program provides visiting athletes an opportunity to stay in a friendly home with a local family while training or competing in ASCI sponsored events.

Athletes are provided, at no charge

    • A private or shared bedroom: includes linens, bed, lamp, and a place for clothing.
    • A private or shared bathroom: includes towels.
    • Cleaning of linens & towels.
    • When possible, kitchen privileges to store food and prepare meals.

Who are the Homestay Hosts?

All hosts are located in areas within a twenty minute drive of the ASCI whitewater center. English is the primary language used in the home. Our hosts truly enjoy hosting and are eager to welcome guests in their home.

Garrett county families are diverse and reflect the wide diversity of our population. They could be:

  • Two parent families.
  • Single parent families.
  • Families with children
  • Extended families (relatives living with the family or individual)
  • Single individuals
  • Homes with pets
  • Non-smoking homes or homes with smokers

How are athletes placed in a home?

Hosts and athletes complete applications to give us some basic personal characteristics, schedule requirements and preferences. We use that information to match athletes with an available host home.

You will be placed based upon the following information: Your schedule, gender, native language, age, smoking habits, allergies and certain religious or dietary restrictions. We cannot always guarantee that we can meet all requests.

Regarding pets: Americans love having domestic pets in their homes. The most common house pets are cats, dogs, and, birds. Many families have pets. Most American pets are well groomed and flea free. If you wish to stay with a host without pets we will seek to accommodate your request. Athletes traveling with pets may have a more difficult time being placed in the Homestay program.

What expectations should athletes have of homestay?

Homestay is housing in which you choose to stay in someone's home. This is a very different experience than staying in a hotel and requires a different set of expectations. Because this is someone's private home, athletes will be expected to abide by the same reasonable rules of behavior that family members follow. Quiet hours, television use, computer use, and family meal times will vary and should be discussed when hosts and athletes meet.

Regarding meals: Host families are not expected to provide meals for visiting athletes. Host families are often busy and may not always eat at a set time or all together. Visiting athletes may be scheduled for whitewater training at various times during the day which would conflict with family meal time. During race week, athletes may follow a special training diet and may prefer to prepare their own meals or eat out with team members. With all this being said, meal time can be a wonderful time for conversation and sharing between athletes and hosts, and is encouraged when convenient for both parties.

What about computer to access the Internet?

Some of our homes allow wireless Internet access, but some do not. We do not guarantee Internet availability in our homes, but athletes are welcome to bring their own laptop for Yi-Fi connections at ASCI or at some local restaurants.

Please remember that the use of the phone line for the Internet often limits access to the phone for other family members and guests. Be sensitive to the needs of others at the home.

Homestay hosts and athletic events

Hosts are welcomed to be involved in the race events during your athlete’s stay as much or little as you prefer. Most of ASCI’s larger events include a welcome reception for the athletes and their hosts early in the week and a party after the conclusion of the competition. Hosts are invited to these events and also receive free passes for admission to the race. Host families are also encouraged to join the ASCI volunteer crew during this and other ASCI events.

Become a Sponsor

An event of this magnitude is never possible without the help of our sponsors. We are continually seeking in industry and out of industry sponsors to become a part of this unique event and our world class adventure sports complex. The Adventure Sports Center International is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is recognized as a focal point in the emerging and expanding adventure sports industry worldwide. So weather you are seeking to enter new markets, boosting employee moral or looking for a great venue to entertain executives and clients alike, asci and The Slalom Nationals are ready to partner up for an exciting journey.

Sponsorship Contact:
Jesse Shimrock
c. 240. 321. 0686
o. 301. 387. 3250

Media Room

Welcome to the 2008 US Whitewater Slalom National Championships Media Room. Within you will find a video featuring the Adventure Sports Center Event Venue as well as an array of articles, FAQ's, press kits, and event flyers. If you are looking for something that is not included in this media room please contact:

Jesse Shimrock
Master of Marketing/PR
240. 321. 0686

Media Contact
Adam Pratt - Stanton Communications
202. 223. 4933

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